The Andean Flutes From the Heart and Soul 


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Inspired by the wind instruments of Bolivian Andes, played by the elderly Aymara native musicians of Larecaja province of La Paz, Bolivia. His native land, developed the passion for the music at early age, fallowing the flute music played by little Aymara shepherds at mountain high or fallowing the echoes from the music of flutes and drums, melodies carried by the wind from the mountain canyons miles away.

Jacco been himself born into a music family, the Andes music was always been part of his life since childhood. He said "This music was always part of my life since a can remember, my granddad was a musician and naturally my uncles and cousins. we always have live music in our family celebrations and town festivities, playing charangos, mandolins, guitars, drums and Andean flutes as sicuris". (Andean Pan-pipes orchestra)

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